Vineet Garg

Vineet Garg

Software Engineer in progress

About Me

I am a final year under graduate pursuing B-Tech in Computer Engineering at Delhi Technological University. Being very new to software industry (started in freshman year), I have really enjoyed it from the start. It teaches you something new everyday! During these 3 years, apart from computer technologies like C, C++, JAVA and various frameworks(Qt, Android etc) I have learned that we should not fear the unknown.If we want to learn something new, nothing can stop us.

I like lay in bed and think about solution to my problems and eventually sleep(Yeah, I am that much lazy). Apart from it, with someone I am highly energetic and always like to venture into the unknown!

Work Experience

Software Engineering Intern - ARISTA (June 2016 - August 2016)

At ARISTA my task I was involved in implementing mirroring to CPU on StrataXGS Trident II switch series. Worked from manually programming the hardware to writing agents to do that, programming of DMA driver for the feature etc. Successfully implemented the functionality for fixed system switches.

Google Summer of Code Participant - KDE (April 2015 - August 2015)

KDE Connect is a project which aims to provide a way so that all your devices on same network can communicate with each other. During the GSOC period I ported whole backend of both mobile and desktop written in Android and Qt respectively, to use SSL/TLS for communication between devices. It used Trust On First Use (TOFU) model. This removed the use of RSA for encrypting the data making the system more fast and robust with full packet encryption instead of payload and saved from Man in the Middle attacks Prior to that I also contributed for some feature enhancements like notification filtering, progress bar while sending and receiving data etc.

Latest Projects


Paratube Open Source

ParaTube is a multi threaded(parallel) YouTube video downloader, specially designed to utilize maximum available bandwidth on public networks to download videos as fast as possible. User can select from available available formats according to his needs. It is written in C++ using Qt framework to make it cross platform. ParaTube is still in its infancy but can download single videos and whole playlists at very fast rates.

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lEarnIt Open Source

lEarnIt is a Paytm powered Android application to motivate children to study. It links parent's Paytm wallet and child's wallet within the application. Every time child completes a module successfully, a sum of money is transferred from parent's wallet to child's wallet which can be further used to buy stuff for the child.
I successfully integrated Paytm's P2P money transfer flow using their APIs (which are not publicly available yet, only made available during hackathon) so that after successful completion of a module , money can be transferred from parent's wallet to child's wallet by just pressing a button and entering OTP

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Hackerhire Open Source

Hackerhire is an online technical interviewing platform. It supports real time code and virtual white board sharing between interviewer and interviewee. It supports real time video and text chat implemented using WebRTC. Entire backend is written using Node.js and front end using Jade and Stylus.

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Other Projects

Ball Blast Open Source

Ball Blast is an Android game where you have to control a moving ball and save it from spikes. The game is written in Java using libGDX framework. Although just released for Android, the game can also be compiled for Desktop, Web, and iOS.

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Notes is a easy-to-use, simple widget for Android devices. It can stick to your home screen and can easily remind you of stuff every time you check your phone. Single tap edit option directly from home screen, can have multiple notes simultaneously with different colors.


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